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The most aggressive ATV mud tires are designed primarily for mud riding only. Extremely aggressive tires have the deepest of lugs for superior traction.  Their lugs are also spaced further apart from other tires, which allows them to clean out and perform better. Some mud tires have lateral tread bars that go across the tire, which make for excellent snow tires as well.  

Aggressive ATV tires have great traction in the mud, but are not recommended for trail riding. They will ride rougher and wear out quicker when ridden on hard surfaces. These tires are also heavier than their less aggressive counterparts, which in turn make handling more difficult and can rob power from your machine. The bottom line is aggressive mud tires make traction in the mud the number one priority!

STI Outback MAX ATV Mud Tires Terminator
Starting at $177.80

26" - 27" for 12" wheels
27" - 28", 30" & 32" for 14" wheels

ITP Mayhem ATV tires
Starting at $130.80
26"-28" for 12" wheels
27", 28", 30" & 32" for 14" wheels
CST Sludge Hammer Tires
Starting at $153.50

27" - 35" for 14" wheels

Interco Interforce Ag Tire
Starting at $154.80
27" & 30" for 12" wheels
27" & 30" for 14" wheels
EFX MotoHavok Tires
Starting at $198.00
28" - 31" for 14" wheels
32" for 16" wheels
32" - 34" for 18" wheels
33 - 35" for 20" wheels
35" for 22" wheels
37" - 42" for 24" wheels
High Lifter Outlaw 3 Tires
Starting at $216.00
28" & 29.5" for 14" wheels
31" for 16" wheels
33" for 18" wheels
35" for 20" wheels
38" for 22" wheels
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