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DWT Sector El Arco Black Rolled Lip Wheel

DWT Sector El Arco Black Rolled Lip Wheels
14" & 15" wheels 
DWT Sector El Arco Rolled wheels have two spun halves bolted together with a billet center! The spun aluminum halves measure 0.190" thick, while the 6061 T6 CNC billet aluminum center creates a fully serviceable modular wheel. The wide wheel width, offset, and low weight is ideal for use with sand tires. These wheels will typically increase the stance width over most factory wheels by about 2" per side.
DWT's versatile Sector Wheel can become many different configurations by swapping out any part of the wheel. Its's versatility through the ability to change each piece affords the user many options within one wheel. Whether its for different vehicles, different types of riding or simply to replace parts without having to sacrifice an entire wheel.
The DWT Sector employs a riveted steel nut plate system allowing for quick and easy service if bolt threads are ever compromised. The Sector is made in the USA and constructed of super strong lightweight heat treated T6 6061 aluminum. It consists of two aluminum wheel halves which bolt to a stylish billet center. An air tight seal is formed by a strong rubber ring seated in a precision machined groove between each wheel half and the wheel center.

  • Super light wheel! One of the lighter wheels on the market!
  • Fully serviceable modular wheel
  • Rolled aluminum halves (0.190" thick) with 6061 CNC billet center
  • 6mm black zinc center bolts
  • Wide wheel widths and offsets ideal for sand use
  • 1,000 lb load rating
  • Snap in DWT center cap
  • Matte black finish


DWT El Arco Black Rolled Lip Wheels

Part Number
Wheel Offset
Bolt Pattern
14 x 8        
4 + 4
$199.95 Sold Out
 EA014-27BRL 4 + 4 4/156 12.2 $199.95 Sold Out
14 x 10 (Rear Sand)        
 EA019-24BRL 5 + 5 4/137 13.1
$209.95 Sold Out
5 + 5
$209.95 Sold Out
15 x 8        
 EA019-5835BRL 4 + 4 4/137 13.8 $219.95 Sold Out
 EA014-5835BRL 4 + 4 4/156 13.8 $219.95
15 x 11 (Rear Sand)        
 EA019-5155BRL 5.5 + 5.5 4/137 15.0 $239.95 Sold Out
 EA014-5155BRL 5.5 + 5.5 4/156 15.0 $239.95
Wheels are sold individually. Center cap and valve stem included.

Wheel Size
Black Lug Nuts (add $5.00)
Chrome Lug Nuts (add $5.00)
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