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Ask the Professor 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding ATV tire sizing and selection:

How do I read ATV tire sizes?

ATV tire explaination: ATV tires are listed in a set of three numbers, generally separated by dashes (25-10-12), or by an 'x' (25x10x12) or a combination of the two (25x10-12).


25x10-12 Front

  • Tire Diameter = 25"
  • Tire Width = 10"
  • Fits Wheel Diameter = 12"

Notes: The width of the tire is a ideally a 2-4 inches wider than the width of the wheel!

How do I read ATV wheel sizing specifications?

Example of a Utility ATV Wheel:

12 x 7 4/156 4+3

  • Wheel Diameter = 12"​
  • Wheel Width = 7"
  • Number of Wheel Bolt Holes = 4
  • Spacing of bolt holes = 156 mm (measured from center of one bolt hole across center of wheel to opposite bolt hole)
  • Wheel Offset = 4" mounting surface to the inside wheel bead and 3" mounting surface to the outside wheel bead

Example of a Sport Quad Wheel:

10 x 8 4/110 3+5

  • Wheel Diameter = 10"
  • Wheel Width = 8"
  • Number of Bolt Holes = 4
  • Spacing of bolt holes = 110 mm (measured from center of one bolt hole across center of wheel to opposite bolt hole)
  • Wheel Offset = 3" mounting surface to the inside wheel bead and 5" mounting surface to the outside wheel bead
*Offset notes: Most ATV wheels are centered, with no offset. In that case, the offset is not listed as part of the wheel sizing, like the first example above. (If you wanted to state the offset of in the first example above, it would have a wheel offset of 4+4. The mounting surface is 4" from the inside wheel edge and 4" from the mounting surface to the outside wheel edge.)
Conclusion: A 3+5 rim will sit wider on a quad than a 4+4 rim; 1" wider per wheel, 2" wider across track width.

I don't know what wheel or tire size I need for my ATV. Is there a way I can find out?

Yes, please check our online application chart or fill out the form below or email

What is the largest tire can I safely fit on my factory ATV without a lift kit?

While we get asked this question most frequently, the decision is ultimately yours! If you are interested in taller tires, first realize these things:
  • Larger tires may void your manufacturer's warranty.
  • Larger tires may cause a loss of bottom end power, due to higher gearing and increased rotating mass (weight of tires).
  • Larger tires cause more stress on drive train and suspension components.
  • Larger tires will raise the center of gravity (CG) of your machine.

If you are aware of the above statements and ready to proceed, our recommendation is as follows:

  • For machines equipped with 25" stock tires & LESS than 450cc engine displacements, we recommend only increasing tire diameter size 1".
  • For machines equipped with 25" stock tires and MORE than 450cc engine displacements, you can most likely increase the tire diameter two full inches (Example: 25" to 27" tall tires).
**Realize that these are only our suggested guidelines. You will most likely have no problems following these guidelines, but for some minor fitment issues may still exist. These are published only to assist our customers in selecting proper sizes.**
What about 28" or taller ATV tires? Will they fit?

We do not recommend 28" tires...Now with that said...

Very few stock utility ATV's/UTV's can actually fit 28" tire sizes without having fitment issues. These include fender rubbing and suspension interferences at full compression or tight turning.

Be prepared to do other modifications such as install a lift kit and possibly a set of wheel spacers if you are looking at a 28" or taller ATV tires. These larger tires will require more power to turn, especially when the going gets muddy. Many people compensate for this by doing engine upgrades to increase power.

Also understand that there will be a loss of bottom end power and increased drivetrain stress. These large diameter tires will ultimately cause premature wear on your suspension components due to their additional weight and gearing effects. Many machines with equipped with 28" and larger tires, end up purchasing heavier suspension components and axles as a result of failure. This setup is for those looking to build monster machines only.

Can I put tires wider than 10" on the front of my Utility ATV?

We recommend to limit the front tire width to 10" or less on an ATV or side-by-side.  In addition to causing more potential interference with suspension components and the body, wider tires also require more steering effort on your part.  Generally an ATV with wider tires will also tend to "wander" aimlessly over trails.  The bottom line is that you will fight the bike more, excerpt more effort in steering, and enjoy your ride less!

Can wide tires physically be mounted to wheels? Yes, they can on larger machines, although you may need wheel spacers and possibly a lift kit for clearance.

What are the advantages of 12" diameter wheels versus 14" diameter wheels?

Advantages with the 12" wheels:
  • Traditional wheel size that most tire sizes will fit.
  • Are less susceptible to damage, especially in rocky terrain.
  • Are lighter weight than a 14" tire/wheel combination.

Advantages with the 14" wheels:
  • Offer better steering response and corner handling due to less tire roll in sidewall of the tire.
  • Are a larger diameter wheel, which many people think look better on a machine, especially with larger tire sizes.
  • Are the latest trend in ATV wheels.

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